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Maestro restaurant in Geelong

Featuring Adrian Richardson, the True Master of Meat.


Experience refined flavours & local produce

A blend of land and sea.

Maestro is a celebration of top-tier ingredients skillfully handled by expert chefs. It highlights local produce from Golden Plains, Otway’s, Moorabool Valley, and the Bellarine Peninsula. The name Maestro reflects the collaboration between meat expert Adrian Richardson and executive chef Migo Razon. 

Maestro offers a range delicious produce from both land and sea, including house-made seafood pasta to in-house dry-aged meats. Located within the Holiday Inn & Suites Geelong, Maestro doors open to an inviting atmosphere, creating a sense of intimacy, charisma, and familiarity.

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Maestro restaurant in Geelong

Something for any time and any palate

Nestled in a region abundant with local ingredients, Maestro offers a diverse menu including house-made pasta, in-house dry-aged meats, fresh seafood to satisfy all tastes. It also caters to Vegetarian and Vegan preferences, making Maestro an inclusive choice for everyone.

Check out Maestro Bar, open daily from 12pm with an amazing bar menu and drinks offering.

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Local Tipples

The cool climate of Geelong creates the ideal conditions for producing elegant and expressive wines. Sip on a glass or two while you enjoy a leisurely lunch or pair a Pinot with our sumptuous bar food. Maestro also has a range of  non-alcoholic beverages for all to enjoy.

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Fresh Locally Sourced Produce

Maestro sources local ingredients from Golden Plains, Otway’s, Moorabool Valley, and the Bellarine Peninsula. You will always find the heart of Geelong’s food scene present at Maestro, perfectly blending into the local landscape and all the region has to offer. 





Jenny Reddin Artist in Residence Maestro
Jenny Reddin Artist in Residence Maestro

Jenny Reddin

Maestro is honoured to host Jenny Reddin as the inaugural Artist in Residence, with her work featured throughout Holiday Inn & Suites Geelong, and our restaurant.  Jenny is a distinguished and award-winning Australian painter and sculptor renowned for her abstract art. Her approach breaks with tradition, embracing chance, gravity, and fluid dynamics as primary forces in her creative process. Jennys’ remarkable artwork, “MAESTRO”, in honour of Chef Adrian Richardson, is a welded metal sculpture that stands boldly at the entrance of the restaurant. The robust red metal sculpture is a testament to Jenny’s creative genius and her ability to capture the essence of extraordinary achievers. The inner figure, painted black, represents the inner strength and determination, while the outer layer in bright red signifies the passion and energy that drives the passionate restaurant team. Two of Jenny’s outstanding paintings, “Nebular” and “The Flock,” grace the walls of Maestro, each offering a unique perspective on art and nature. “Nebula” invites viewers to experience a sense of weightlessness and drifting through a cloud, achieved using a viscous mix of paint and medium. In contrast, “The Flock” pays homage to the majestic and powerful eagles that soar above us daily, reminding us of the beauty and grandeur of the natural world 
We are pleased to share that Jenny’s displayed artworks are for sale and available for you to take home, via West End Art Space.


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