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In a collaboration that fuses culinary artistry, Executive Chef and the esteemed Maestro of Meat, Adrian Richardson, deliver to Geelong a symphony of refined flavors and creative cuisine. They skillfully transform local ingredients sourced from the Golden Plains, Otway’s, Moorabool Valley, and the Bellarine Peninsula into imaginative dishes that captivate the palate.

Enjoy all things land and sea at Maestro – Experience the vibrant ambiance and fun flavors of Maestro.


Maestro of Meat

Adrian Richardson

Ten Networks Good Chef, Bad Chef superstar Adrian Richardson is bringing his talents to Geelong. If anyone was doubting the regions growth; the food industry is pushing back HARD … Maestro is a fresh drawcard for Geelong, a name that carries weight and prominence befitting this exciting Adrian Richardson-led offering backed up by his over 35 years in the hospitality industry . 

Bringing his love of meat & family style cooking to Maestro Geelong, Adrian will be sure to have locals & tourists alike coming back time & time again. 



Introducing one of our culinary maestros behind the scenes, our Head Chef Maliq. With an insatiable passion for food and a keen eye for detail, Maliq is one of the driving forces behind our Maestro masters.

Crafting culinary masterpieces with precision and flair, Maliq helps bring together the perfect blend of flavors and textures to get your taste buds dancing. From the sizzle of the skillet to the plating of each course, his expertise shines through in every aspect of the dining experience.

Maliq is not only one of our head chefs he is also a mentor and a collaborator. Guiding our kitchen team with enthusiasm, he helps drive quality and innovation.

So come, meet Maliq in our open kitchen, watch him work with a smile and produce delicious food right to your table. Cheers to the unsung hero of the kitchen – our Head Chef!

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Maestro strikes the perfect balance: a name that blends seamlessly into the local landscape, as though it’s been there forever, while also perfectly destinational complimenting the historic qualities of the region. One thing we do know is we are sure to see great quality food, at home-grown prices for the everyday, food loving Australian.